The empire where the PCs start out. The capitol city is Dragonwall and the current ruler is King Patrick Elrond.

Midkemia is a large empire with numerous castles and cities spread out across the territory. Comprised of roughly half-human and half everything else, the kingdom is relatively mixed with most people being relatively open-minded and welcoming.

Outside of the cities there are a few clans or camps of those races generously distrusted. The most common of these groups are kobalds, gnolls, goblins, bugbears, and lizardfolk. Since The Hounds War these camps tend to be scattered, and a strained peace is kept where they are not actively hunted and they maintain their distance from civilized towns and people. The occasional attack brings swift and merciless repercussions from the Celestial Guards’ Factions.

Though the kingdom was previously wealthy and bustling, recent hardships have ruined the kingdom economically. Since Elrond became king the prosperity has diminished. The crops don’t come in as strong, the mines don’t produce as many resources, and some even say that the weather has been less favorable. Many people are unemployed and turn to crime or hunting to make ends meet. Rumors abound about the king being cursed or a demon, and many speak negatively of the king despite his apparent best intentions.

Many neighboring kingdoms respect the might of Midkemia, as even with poor economic times the military is efficient, well trained, and top-notch. There are numerous trade agreements and it is common to see people from other kingdoms travelling across Midkemia. Rarely are foreign children seen in Midkemia, as the kingdom has been notorious for apparent kidnappings where children and teens have simply vanished, never to be seen again. Though this used to happen much more frequently it has tapered off the last 10-15 years. No witnesses or perpetrators have ever been discovered.


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