Capitol of Midkemia (the starting kingdom for the first kingdom) and ruled by King Elrond. The entire empire is currently struggling financially, under hard times with few nobles and rulers living in any sort of luxury. King Elrond is a fair and just King, but there are rumors that some plot to kill or overthrow him in the hopes that the replacement King will be able to fix the woes of the empire.

Directly under King Elrond is his Celestial Guard which is comprised of the lords and ladies that lead their specific factions (specialists.) The Celestial Guard act as the king’s advisors, bodyguards, and generals and are the second highest authority in the empire and feared throughout the world.

The city is around 1/2 humans and the other major races equally contribute to the population, with some of the rarer races sporadically seen throughout the city. It is an open-minded and accepting town in most of the wards (the Beggars’ Ward being the exception where people survive through fear and distrust of others.)

The city has a large hunting and lumber industry (with a large nearby forest) and a large market with various specialists due to it being a major hub and crossroad for most industry types, as well as the headquaters for The Merchants Guild. No river or ocean access limits some of the trade, but the location and importance of the city leads to many imports and exports by road with large caravans frequently being seen.


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