Celestial Guard

The Celestial Guard are the bodyguards, advisors, and generals for King Patrick Elrond in Dragonwall. They each lead a specific faction with a particular specialty focus. All members work in a military fashion, and none have a civil or non-arms focus (such as doctors/healers, preachers, pick-pockets, etc.) with the exception of the Raven Guard (they have a large group of researchers and scholars.)

Lord Rath Sanguinus is the leader of the Blood Angels, the religious faction containing Paladins and Clerics. Lord Rath is King Elrond’s most trusted advisor and right hand man, and his wisdom and skills are admired and respected by the other Celestial Guard. The smallest branch with the highest standards, the Blood Angels are the elite of the elite.

Lord Swift (none but the King and other Celestial Guard know his true name) heads the Death Spectres composed of rogues, spies, and assassins. This arm acts as the primary intelligence gathering and assassination arm. Though there are a larger number of low-level eaves-droppers, there are a few very skilled assassins, cat-burglars, and spies.

Lady Jane Gray (the only female Celestial Guard) leads the Flesh Tearers, the ranger and druid faction. They are focused on protecting and scouting the wilderness and environments of the empire and maintaining balance while keeping possible invaders at bay and notifying the king of any foreign military movements/build-ups. The second largest division, they are spread out over a very large region of land and are divided into “outfits” and assigned to patrol a large swathe of land.

Lord Jandyr Half-Elven is the leader of the Raven Guard, the faction for wizards and sorcorers. They have many tombs and a greater library than any other known civilization. The faction is divided into battle-mages (military arm,) scholars (focused on memorizing and remembering large amounts of information,) and researchers (coming up with new spells, equipment, and military methods.)

Lord Marneus Calgar is the leader of the Imperial Fist, the faction for warriors and knights. They are the frontline soldier arm and are responsible for civil rest and enforcing serious laws. The largest faction and responsible for the manpower required for offensive campaigns, responding to requests from the Flesh Tearers when threats are spotted, and defending Dragonwall. He is very superstitious and often looks to signs and omens.

Celestial Guard

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