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  • Patrick Elrond

    King Patrick Elrond is ruler of the [[Midkemia | Midkemian Empire]] and lives in the Capitol City of [[Dragonwall]] where he has ruled for the last 12 years. Though respected and admired for his fair and just rule, many speak ill of him behind closed …

  • Celestial Guard

    The Celestial Guard are the bodyguards, advisors, and generals for King [[Patrick Elrond]] in [[Dragonwall]]. They each lead a specific faction with a particular specialty focus. All members work in a military fashion, and none have a civil or non-arms …

  • Felicia Elrond

    Felicia Elrond, 37, is the wife of [[Patrick Elrond | King Elrond]] and has been his bride for 22 years. Tall and elegant, she is the ideal queen and loved by the citizens. She has escaped the ire and blame that has befallen her husband.

  • Natasha Corvina

    Natasha Corvina is known as a woman who makes sure that jobs get accomplished (usually, but not always, legally.) She works out of [[Dragonwall | Dragonwall]] but has great reach and influence, having her hands in all sorts of activities throughout [[ …

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