Eastern Russian Rogue Human- kicks booty


Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Olive skin tone
Bright green hazel eyes
Scattered freckles
Long, ash hair, in various braids

Large cargo, khaki fur lined coat
Black leather pants
Black long sleeved shirt with leather patches
Black tall climbing boots, heavy duty (secret knife storage)

Neenjuh Bunnee
Being alone
Polka Music

Loud people
Colorful things


Some say angels are strategically placed on Earth, some are born as orphans… those are the dark angels. The tale you are about to hear is about the ash haired, emerald eyed dark angel, Sestra.

Sestra was born in the Eastern Russian village of Vladivostok. She has always been self sufficient as she grew up without any guardians. Mastering pick-pocketing and being sneaky, Sestra survived on the streets and developed a strong sense of determination. She always speaks her mind and refuses to be walked over.

Sestra left her small town and moved to the big city of Moscow. There, she joined the traveling circus. In the circus, she mastered acrobatics and became a headline acrobatic artist. She became even stronger and then…she fell in love. In the circus, she met Ninjuh Bunnee. Ninjuh was a charming, sweet and charismatic man. He could make anyone laugh and was everyone’s friend. Sestra fell head over circus shoes for his sweet smile and warm eyes.

Their love was passionate and dreamy, until the day of February 14th. Sestra went in to deliver Ninjuh’s breakfast (10lbs of hearty, crispy bacon) and instead of seeing the love of her life, she saw a message written in blood…

“If you want Ninjuh to live- you must come to Midkemia”…

With that, Sestra dedicated her life to finding and fighting for her love.


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